Yale Smart Lock Review

Yale Smart Lock Review

With everything in the world going digital today, even locks for your home are becoming digitalized.

The use of smart locks has been growing increasing popular over the past few years. This can be mainly attributed to the increasing use of smart home systems. A smart lock offers you both security and flexibility since you can now access your home and all your locks through the phone. They are reffered to as locks without a key.

Smart locks or keyless locks go a long wat in preventing break-ins through lock picking.

They also protect your home from burglars who break into empty homes. With smart locks only you and authorized visitors can get through the door using a fingerprint touchpad scanner that works together with the respective phone app.  There are many he companies in the smart lock business today.

Companies such as Google and Samsung have their own smart lock systems you can install. However, there are security companies that have been in the locks business for many years that have started making smart locks.

Among this companies is the Yale Company. You have probably seen a Yale padlock or lock or a Yale key before. The same company has moved into the digital era by releasing their first smart lock known simply as Yale Smart Lock.

Yale is a world leader when it comes to the security business. Their smart lock just like their previous products is of high quality and a great purchase for anyone looking to install a smart lock system for their home.

The Yale smart lock is compatible with Google Nest Hub and gives you immense control over your home’s security. This is why the Yale Smart Lock is premium priced and will cost you about $280.

We however think that it is a great long term investment that will surely not disappoint you. The Yale Smart lock is readily available at your local smart electronics dealer or on online store such as Amazon.

With that said the following section shows describes the top features of the smart lock.

The Yale Smart Lock design 

When you first lay eyes on this lock, you will see the creativity that has gone into making the physical design. The lock is sleek, classy and all in all, gorgeous. When you first get it, you have to first install it.

The installation process is quite simple and straight forward and should bother you. First, download the Nest app if you do not already have it from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

Create an account and sign into the account. Once signed in, go to the settings and add a new product.

There, the app will detect and display all new products. Find the Yale Smart lock and follow the steps that follow. The whole installation process takes between 15 to 20 minutes and after that you’re set.

  Like all other smart locks, the Yale smart locks has a keypad for setting up and keying in the PIN. This allows you to quickly enter your house without the hassle of a key. The physical design of this smart lock is streamlined.

It is also bulky compared to say, the Schlage Sense smart lock system. It however still looks and feels really good. The Yale smart lock comes in a variety of colors including: satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze and polished brass – all with a beautiful classy finish.

All these colors are also soft and friendly and will not color clash with your house color theme. There is no doubt that the Yale Smart lock will impress you with its looks.

It is easy to setup and amazingly designed, which are two of the most important factors to consider when buying a smart lock. While buying this lock, there is an option to buy it together with Nest Connect.

For an additional $30, you can buy the Nest Connect. The Nest Connect will allow you to remotely access your locks from anywhere in the world provided there is an internet connection on both ends.

It will also allow you to lock your home internet network from use by other people.

You can also unlock and lock your doors remotely. This means that if you have a cleaner coming over when you’re not around, you can set up an access code and send it to them so they can enter. After they have left, you can remove the access code. We recommend sacrificing those extra bucks for the Nest Connect. 

How to use the Yale Smart Lock and the app

Once the lock is setup, it is quite easy to use. It comes with a variety of options that include turning the deadbolt like a regular lock and using the app to lock and unlock the door.

When it comes to the use of the app, it works like a charm. As we know, nest puts a lot of effort and time in the apps and software it builds and this shows with Nest app.

If you were already using Nest products, the smart lock will appear right at the bottom of your devices list. By just clicking on the lock, the app will take you to all of the lock’s controls.

There you can unlock the door, lock it, set up new codes and PINS and set up a Privacy Mode. Privacy Mode allows you to lock the keypad so that all users have to use the app to enter.

It also allows you to setup your locks such that even the app won’t work, and instead a user has to use a code. Finally, privacy mode lets you check the history usage of the lock. These are all settings for when you are in the house.

When you’re outside the house or away from home, there is also an option to either use the app or key pad to lock the door. Users have complained that the keypad does not have feedback especially if you have disabled sound feedback.

This means that a home owner will not know whether or not they have pressed a key until the code either works or fails. The lock still works smoothly even without this functionality.

Locking and unlocking the door is as easy as a simple touch on the Yale logo of the lock.

The logo will light up to lock and bring up the number pad when unlocking. The lock also allows you to set it to lock automatically after a certain period. This is quite hands for people who forge to lock their doors. This is done through the nest App. 

Features of the Yale Smart Lock

Yale has been manufacturing locks, specifically focused on residential and personal locking solutions.

There are currently millions of people that use Yale products today and it is not hard to see why. The following are the top features of the Yale Smart Lock

Smart Home Compatibility

The Nest X Yale Smart Lock is a smart lock system that can easily integrate with your home smart system. However, you need a Nest smart home system to be able to use this smart lock.

Nest generally uses Google Assistant and works smoothly with the Yale System. If you have another smart home system such as Home Kit or Wink, there is a high chance you will have trouble integrating Yale smart lock.

You can still not however use the assistant to check the status of your locks or even the lock and unlock the door. Nest says that this feature will be available soon.

Amazon on the other hand has developed an alternative system that allows the home owner to speak their PIN (voice command) that guarantees security.

So if you are a Nest user that loves Google Assistant, this is the right smart lock system for you.

Allows you to answer your door remotely

Yale smart lock allows you to answer the door remotely from wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection. All that you should do is access a device that us connected to the internet and open your door from miles away.

Allows the home owner to schedule access

If you have people visiting on a regular basis, you can set the lock system to always be open during this time. This can be done through the app.

Yale can be integrated with the Z-Wave Plus 

Yale comes with a Z Wave Plus and a Zigbee network module for their smart locks. If the smart ecosystem in your home can support this functionality, you will be able to integrate it with the rest of your devices.

Compatible devices include the following: ADT, 2Gig, Smart Home, Wink, DSC, Fibaro, Vera, Interlogix, and Samsung Smart Things and Amazon’s Alexa. 

Support voice assistant

The Yale Smart lock can be operated through voice commands. This is not done directly however. You need a smart home system such as Google Assistant, Siri or Alexa.

A nice backlit touchscreen

This may seem like an obvious features but the importance of it cannot be overstated. A backlit touchscreen and keypad is important for when you’re coming in at night when it’s dark.

So in case you need to use a code to enter, the backlight has got you covered

It has a long range of 30 feet

When you’re within a 30 foot radius, your smartphone switches to Bluetooth range. Alternatively, you can always select the remote control feature

Allows the home owner to revoke access keys and codes at any time

Once you have setup an access code for someone else to use, you may want to remove this option when they arrive. Through the app, you can remove or revoke the use of this access code so that it annot be used anymore.

The app offers an real like twist to unlock feature

When you want to unlock your door through the app, it allows you to unlock the door in a twisting motion on the screen that resembles opening a door in real life. 

Easy to use

You can use the Yale smart locks to replace old and deadbeat bolts from existing locks, that’s how convenient it is. In case you find trouble we trying to enter, you always have an option of voice command.

There are also voice instructions that guide you through when there is trouble during login. Once the app is installed and ready for use, everything is direct and straight forward for use. 

Superb after sale customer service

When it comes to Yale smart lock, they have the best customer service there is. There is always an expert on the other end of the call ready to answer all your questions and provide solutions.

There is a love chat that connects you directly to an representative, this can be found on their website. There are also informative materials such as quick guides and manuals and FAQs that will answer most of our problems. 

The following are the pros and cons of this smart lock.


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  • It is a very easy to use smart plug
  • The Yale smart plug is well-designed and has an beautiful exterior
  • The app is great and super responsive 
  • It is versatile and is compatible with all common third party smart home services.



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  • It is quite expensive


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Smart locks or keyless locks go a long wat in preventing break-ins through lock picking. They also protect your home from burglars who break into empty homes.

With smart locks only you and authorized visitors can get through the door using a fingerprint touchpad scanner that works together with the respective phone app. 

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