How To Connect Nest Doorbell To Chime

Connect Nest Doorbell To Chime

Nest is one of the big brands known for video doorbells. And if you are set on connecting your Nest video doorbell to your smart home hub, then you are in the right place.

Whether you have an Amazon Echo or a Google Home smart home hub, you will be happy to know that your Nest video doorbell is compatible with either smart home hubs, and you are hours away from setting up and connecting your Nest doorbell to your Amazon home hub or Google home.

The other impressive piece of information you may like is that Google Nest’s Hello doorbell comes with advanced features, including the face detection feature, as well as integrations for your Google Home speakers and the Nest Cam IQ Indoor.

As a result of these features, the Nest Hello doorbell is regarded as one of the smartest video doorbells on the market today. In this article, we’ll look at how you are going to set up this doorbell with your smart home system/ hub.

Before we look at the process of setting up the doorbell and connecting it to your hub’s Chime, it’s worth noting that the video doorbells are rather new in the smart home devices category. 

Though there is an overlap between these video doorbells and the home security cameras, the setup of these doorbells that come with built-in security cameras is not straightforward, hence this article.

While you have the option of hiring a technician to do everything for you, you will save time and understand how your smart home system works if you set things up by yourself.

Here is what you should keep in mind during the process of Connecting Nest Doorbell To Chime

Remember that the with the video doorbells, guests ring the buzzer as they normally would, but instead of rushing to your Nest App to see who’s at the door, Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Assistant would tell you about the person at the door and whether you should let the guest in or not.

So, on top of the regular chine sound from the doorbell, you get to see and even speak to the person at the door before letting them in. The best part is that you could integrate your video doorbell with a smart lock, allowing technology to control who you give access to.

Note that as a result of technological advancements, AI, and Machine Learning technologies, you could program your video doorbell, in this case, your Google Nest Hello doorbell to ring with a specific chime, for example, the holiday cheer.

Currently, the Nest app allows you to choose one out of the four chime themes for Winter, New Year’s Eve, Christmas, and Hanukkah. And there are 10 chimes under each of these themes, and the one you choose will play when someone rings your doorbell.

Setting Up Google Nest Doorbell

How To Connect Nest Doorbell To Chime

To ensure that your Nest doorbell relays the video feeds from the door to your display device, the setup must be done right. So, if you just bought your Nest Hello doorbell and you are ready to install and then connect it to the chimes, you might want to read and follow the steps below.

As mentioned above, Nest Hello doorbell is compatible with both Google Home and Amazon Echo, and that means that you can set up the doorbell without worrying if you are using either of these smart home hubs.

1. Install or test the existing doorbell

For the new smart video doorbell, you should know that the doorbell could be either battery-powered or wired.

The wired doorbells would use the existing doorbell wiring for power. With the wired doorbells, you’d have to figure out where the wires go, and this is particularly important in the Nest doorbells. For the wiring instructions of your Nest Hello doorbell, you may want to scan the QR code on the doorbell then follow the instructions provided.

The wireless doorbells, on the other hand, come with rechargeable battery packs. If you are working with an existing Nest doorbell, first press on the doorbell to confirm whether the indoor chime will ring or not, and also be sure of the existing wiring system still works or not.

2. Switch off the power to the doorbell

Find the doorbell’s electrical panel then identify the power breaker that controls the doorbell’s circuit that wires your doorbell. This is a safety precaution intended to protect you and your devices.

So, if you are not sure about the circuit, you should turn off the main circuit breaker. And then confirm whether the power is off or not by trying to activate the doorbell.

3. Add Your Nest Hello Doorbell to your Nest App

To set up your Nest Hello doorbell, you need to download and set up the Nest App (it works for iOS and Android devices), but you don’t have to download the app if you already have it and any other Nest device since you will be able to manage all your smart Nest devices from one place. Follow these steps to ensure the setup is done right.

First, ensure that your Nest Hello doorbell is connected to the wall and then launch your Nest App. If you do that, the app will ask you to identify the door where the doorbell is currently located.

Next, test the video quality of your doorbell from the Nest app. Next, check for doorbell for its wireless chime – you should be able to hear the chime and also receive a notification. Once confirmed, pick the language that your visitors will speak with.

Remember that you will need to use your Wi-Fi network to set up your Nest doorbell to work. So, to add Nest Hello to your Nest app, follow the following steps.

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  • Click on the Add Product tab
  • Scan the QR code on the doorbell
  • Check the device’s compatibility and review the placement guidelines for the doorbell.


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4. Wire and then Install the Chime Connector on the Chime Box

Connect Nest Doorbell To Chime

Now that you’ve installed Nest Hello in your Nest App successfully, it’s time to wire and then install your chime connector. Remember that the chime connector is essential because while Nest Hello is essentially more than a doorbell, it needs a constant power supply from a transformer.

Since the wiring of the typical doorbell would mean that the video feed would only be live if the doorbell is pressed, the chime connector comes in handy in ensuring that there is constant power supply. The chime connector acts as a second switch.

With the power still off, it’s time to remove the chime box cover. Since the chimes come in a number of sizes and shapes, and the chimes are located in the common area close to the center of the home or in the hallway, you need to check what you are dealing with first.

Next, review the chime’s wiring by first reviewing the circuitry of the doorbell then take the current photo of the chime’s wiring. Follow the installation guide that comes with the doorbell to get started.

Connecting Nest Doorbell to Chimes

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  • Go to your Nest app on your tablet or smartphone and then select the doorbell device you wish to connect.
  • Click on the settings tab and then choose the Doorbell Theme. Under the themes, choose the theme chime you’d like. Note that if you are not interested in the theme chimes, you should select the default Ding Dong chime.


Connecting Your Nest Hello to Your Home Hub

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  • You could connect your Nest Hello doorbell to your Amazon Echo or Google Home hubs to be able the videos from your video doorbell. So, to allow Alexa to control your doorbell, you must enable the Next Camera Skill before you set it up. Follow these setup steps.
  • Go to your Google Home app and then select the Add option to set up the new device. Select Nest Hello and then follow the provided onscreen steps on your tablet for device pairing. Next, click on Allow, then select Done.
  • Next, go to the Google Home app and then select Home, choose Doorbell, Device settings, and the Device name, Name the Nest doorbell, then Save.


How to Turn Nest Hello’s Indoor Chime On/ Off

On your Nest app, go to the Nest Hello Feed and the tap on the Live Feed right above your Nest Hello Timeline. Go to settings and then toggle the chime On/ Off, as needed.

The best part about this toggle option is that you can switch off the chime when you don’t want to be disturbed or on your sick days, but you will receive notifications on your phone if someone rings the doorbell.

Also, the person at the door will hear the chiming tone when they press the doorbell, but you won’t have to worry about the chimes yourself. To mute the chime temporarily, choose the Quit Time icon instead.

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