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How good is your home lock’s security system? Would you use a Google smart lock for your home?

For obvious reasons, a smart home lock is a necessity, and also one of the smartest decisions and investments you could make to keep your home safe. Now, while this option could be more expensive than other than door locks on the market, the truth is that the best front door lock is the unsung hero to your story, your home, and your family.

The smart locks are easily the superheroes in that they are not only there for you when you need them most, but the smart locks are also the door to convenience. But how do you choose the best smart lock?

For starters, the best smart lock for Google is convenient; it looks good, does its job (security), it’s fast, reliable, quiet, and also completely keyless. The excellent lock is also sleek, slim, stylish, and it comes in a robust glass-metal housing.

On top of all that, the smart lock is also designed with monitoring features that allow you to see the people entering or leaving your home, whether you are home or away.

What is a smart door lock?

Best Smart Lock for Google Home

A smart lock refers to the smart door lock that allows you to control access to your door from anywhere, thanks to integration with excellent features like voice commands, tamper alarms, as well as push/ email notifications.

These locks often offer or come with mobile apps from which you can lock and unlock your doors, all in one click.

Besides the mobile apps, there also are web apps that enhance the control of things from your laptop PC or desktops, and the best part about the web and the mobile apps is that you get to add new users to the account, either permanently or temporarily.

Features to look for in a smart door lock for Google

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  • Bluetooth-enabled function – one of the features you should look out for in a smart door lock is whether the lock is Bluetooth enabled or not. This connection allows for easy communication with the device. At the same time, the locks should come built-in with a Wi-Fi bridge or a Wi-Fi circuitry that’s made for easy control of the lock from just about anywhere.
  • Advanced technological features – some of the smartest features present in the smart locks include voice activation functions that allow you to lock and unlock doors with voice commands, auto-lock function that allows the lock to engage automatically after you unlock the door, and geofencing which is god-send since you won’t have to ever worry about whether you locked the door after you or not.
  • Keyless Keypads – this is the other must-have feature in smart locks, and this means that you won’t have to worry about keypad locks or tampering. The keyless keypad locks are configured with entry alarms that will warn you in case of a break-in, as well as push, email, and text notifications that will tell you when someone is coming or going into your home, in real-time.


Finally, the best locks for Google Homes should work with Google features and functions like Google Assistant.

What is Google Home?

Smart Lock

Google Home refers to the line of smart speakers that were developed by Google.

They all belong to the Google Nest brand and also represents the system that supports top smart home devices from the smart thermostats and smart lights to Chromecast and smart home switches.

Some of the leading Google Home gadgets and functions are powered by the AI-Powered Google Assistant, which exists in a good number of smart speakers, including Nest Mini, Google Home, and also Google Nest Hub Max.

This assistant is a remarkable voice recognition function that provides questions to just about all general questions. It also sets reminders, and you could use it to not only control music but also to manage the entire ecosystem of your home, which includes control over the smart locks and other smart features.

So, which are the best smart locks for Google Home?

Best Smart Locks for Google Home

All the smart locks reviewed above represent the smart features and tools that connect to Google Assistant via Google-enabled speakers. They include:

1. Yale Assure SL (YRD 256)

Google Home

The Yale Assure SL is our top recommended smart lock for Google Home for many reasons. But on top of the list of the best features of this smart lock is the top-notch combination of the hardware security functions.

This design function makes this Yale smart locks the best of the smart locks developed by August.

This lock connects easily to your home Wi-Fi networks, thanks to the Connect Bridge. This connection gives you an incredible level of control over the lock, and you also get to manage the lock’s access codes remotely.

Thanks to the lock’s ability to easily manage codes’ access, even as it allows you to create new access codes, literally on the fly, this smart lock is, therefore, the perfect fit for the homeowners who travel frequently or own vacation homes. It’s also an excellent fit for short-term rental residential and commercial properties.

This Yale Assure SL makes an excellent Google Home smart lock thanks to the August module, which makes the lock compatible with the Google Assistant, besides Alexa, Siri, HomeKit, and Siri.

The voice-activated system made possible by Google Assistant makes this smart lock one of the most elegant smart locks on the market today. One of our most impressive features is its quiet mechanism; it’s quieter than the modules present in other smart locks.

But that is not all;

This smart lock comes with an accessory, the DoorSense, a unique feature that communicates with the lock easily to let it know if and when the door is open to ensure that the deadbolt is not engaged before the door shuts.

Therefore, if your home features a single-hole model door that comes with a doorknob/ lever, but not deadbolt, then this is smart lock could be the best fit for you. The other impressive feature of this lock is that it comes with features identical to those of the deadbolt door version, only with a few minor differences.

For example, you could wake your lock or command it to lock by pressing on the Yale Logo. Note, however, that this Yale Assure SL smart lock doesn’t come with a keyway.

What this means is that if your home electronics ever jam or fail, you would be locked out of your home, and the only way for you to get inside your home would be through the structural destruction of the lock.

With this caveat in mind, we recommend that you only use this smart lock on the main entrance, only if you have another access route, for example, the garage or a back door. Otherwise, you may want to seek alternatives.

Nonetheless, this Yale smart lock boasts a very streamlined design, and it comes in a variety of finishes such as the Satin nickel, polished bronze, and the oil-rubbed bronze finishes.

Its outer escutcheon is 3.6×2.6×0.7 inches in HWD, it comes with a black glass panel, and a reliable while backlit keypad (this keypad will remain dark when not in use and it will only light up when you place your hand against its screen.

More features Of The Yale Assure SL (YRD 256)

The voice programming functions and the keypad beeps are located on the left side of the lock, while its interior features a thumb-turn mechanism which allows for the manual opening and locking of the lock.

And right behind the removable cover, there is a battery compartment that fits 4 AA batteries, as well as a slot for network installation. The top security features of this lock include 250 PIN codes and the All Code Lockout designed to restrict users the codes, save for the Master code.

There is also the automatic re-lock, which will lock the door for 3 seconds after you open the door and the one-touch locking system that lets you engage the lock or even lock the lock only by touching the touch-capacitive panel.

On top of these, the Shutdown Time locks/ shuts down the entire lock for up to 60 seconds, if you enter the wrong code 5 consecutive times.

Then there is the tamper alert that sounds an alarm when a forceful attempt is made on the door.

The other features of this lock include the low-battery indicator and the privacy mode button, which will put the lock on a Do Not Disturb mode, thereby disabling all the user codes.


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  • It boasts a beautiful design
  • The lock’s installation is easy
  • It comes with voice-assisted programming
  • Bright and highly responsive backlit touchscreen keypad
  • It comes with an automatic relock function which works flawlessly
  • It features the best security functions
  • It’s easy to use
  • Easy pairing with the Z-Wave controller



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  • It lacks a dedicated app
  • It’s quite pricey
  • No Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth connectivity
  • You need the Z-Wave controller to operate it remotely


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2. Nest x Yale Lock

 Google Home Best Smart Lock

The other smart lock that works seamlessly with Google Home is the Nest x Yale Smart lock. Among other reasons, the main reason why this is our top recommended lock is that this lock was made by Nest, a Google-owned company, in partnership with Yale, which is one of the most reputable door lock companies in the world.

Being a product of Nest, this smart door lock is, without doubt, one of the best Google Home products.

However, you need to get the $30 Nest Connect or the Nest Secure System. These two system devices are compatible with this lock, and they allow for the easy connection of your lock with Wi-Fi, hence enhanced control from Google Home. You can also control your lock from your phone remotely.

This smart lock is crafted beautifully with a sporty exterior designed with a black finish, which is also part of the capacitive touch screen. There is a white backlit keypad that makes it easy to use the lock; this screen remains dark until you touch the Yale logo.

More features of the Nest x Yale Lock

So, how exactly does Google Home work? For starters, Google Home’s integration allows you to lock your doors from across the house, and you could also check if you locked the door from your office or on vacation.

You could also add and use Google Assistant’s Routine functions. This lock easily integrates with the other Nest devices, and it will work seamlessly with the web-based apps and the Next Mobile function.

In this case, if you have a lock such as a Next Cam Outdoor, you will be able to see the person at the door without leaving your couch or bed, and then you will decide whether to let that person in or not. 

The biggest catch is that just like the Yale Assure SL, this Yale Smart lock doesn’t come with a traditional keyhole, which would allow you to override the locks. On the other hand, if its batteries die, you could hold a 9V battery to the terminals (bottom of the lock) and then enter the passcodes to unlock your door.


[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#5fd725″]

  • It boasts a stylish design
  • It works with Nest Secure effortlessly
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy installation



[su_list icon=”icon: remove” icon_color=”#dc3820″]

  • It lacks voice-activation support
  • No IFTTT integration


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3. Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro

Google Best Smart Lock

If you are looking for a versatile, compact, and a super-quiet smart lock, investing in this smart and fast Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro could be one of the best investment decisions you make.

Even though its fingerprint reader is sometimes faulty, this smart lock comes with durable rubber keys that will work well for just about everyone. In most aspects, this smart lock’s quality exceeds the quality and the function of the Assure SL, and for most users, this lock is simply the best.

Among other reasons, this lock boasts a clean design, as well as precise hardware.

The low-profile design works great, and it’s easy to use. Its other impressive features include six options for unlocking the smart lock – auto-lock/ auto-unlock, anti-peep, shake-to-open, smartphone and use of the app, use of the fingerprint technology, and the use of the actual mechanical keypad.

The anti-peep keypad is one of the best features of this smart lock since it allows you just to type in different numbers of random digits, and you will still have access to your home.

The reason why this option works is that the correct passcode will be embedded in the long string of random digits entered. On the other hand, the auto-lock or the auto-unlock function works by locking and unlocking automatically when you leave or get back home.

Other benefits of the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro

You also get to share your home’s access to your family and guests, or anyone else you trust. Regarding the apps use, its recommended that you buy the $50 Bridge add-on that’s designed to enhance the remote control and the programming of the smart lock.

There is also the use of the companion app, which is easy to set up, and it also gives you control of the Bolt Pro.

The Bolt Pro app is easy to use and control. The U-Bolt comes with rubber number pads, which make it easy for you to use and unlock the lock with ease. Note, however, that regardless of the number of options for unlocking the locks, the fingerprint function is the top-recommended option.

There is also the dual data encryption system, which enhances your security by ensuring that no one can unlock your door without your permission. 

Here are the security and access features you should be aware of:

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  • The 360 degrees live fingerprint identification function, as well as the 120-degrees identification using your fingerprints
  • Use of random digits to protect the passcode from peepers and prying hands
  • You could also share your code or an eKey for specific data, or for access to your home for a specific period.
  • There is also the auto-lock and the auto-unlock function


On top of all these, there is also the keyless entry made possible by the u-Tec app, which allows for easy unlocking of the door using the smartphone. You can manage your account users, log entry and exit records, and restrict access.

You might also like the MicroUSB function which comes in handy in providing emergency power, the mechanical key that makes use of the Schlage C keyway deadbolt cylinder, working as an emergency override system, and also the dual data encryption with a 2-layer encryption system – the Dynamic Key and the secure 128-bit AES security features.

Finally, its installation is easy.


[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#5fd725″]

  • Easy controls using the app
  • 6-in-one locking and unlocking options
  • External assembly is waterproof
  • Easy to use, no drilling necessary
  • Great security features
  • Good-quality deadbolt lock
  • Fingerprint system works well



[su_list icon=”icon: remove” icon_color=”#dc3820″]

  • You have to buy the bridge separately
  • It’s not Z-Wave compatible
  • Interior assembly is not waterproof
  • The fingerprint scanner will only scan and save two fingerprints


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When buying a smart lock for your Google Home, you need to make sure that it comes with the best automation features to ensure that you can easily control the lock from your smart home hub.

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