Alexa Won’t Turn on Samsung TV – How To Fix

Alexa Won’t Turn on Samsung TV -

Alexa, through the Amazon Echo home hub, is compatible with Samsung TV thanks to Samsung SmartThings. And this means that in the perfect world, a command to Amazon Echo would mean that your TV goes on or off as per your commands. 

Unfortunately, there are cases where asking Alexa to turn on the TV won’t work, either because the Alexa voice assistant performs actions different from the commands given or because Alexa tells you that She didn’t get your command.

Of course, when this happens, you’ll be frustrated, and you will be left wondering what you did wrong and whether you could have messed up the whole smart home connection.

The good news, however, that isn’t always the case, and you could rectify the issue at hand easily once you understand why Alexa won’t turn on your Samsung TV. Today, we look at some of the reasons why Alexa and your Samsung TV aren’t working and how you can fix the problem.

Alexa’s not working

alexa not working

Ordinarily, Alexa would be totally dormant until you call upon the assistant to act -in this case, when you speak the word, Alexa. Unfortunately, there are cases where the LED ring on top of your Echo device stays on even when Alexa is not in use.

When this happens, then it means that Alexa is experiencing some problems. You can tell more about the problem being experienced by checking the color of the light.

Generally, the spinning violet light means that you are dealing with a Wi-Fi setup problem, the spinning orange light shows that your Amazon Echo device is connected to your Wi-Fi network currently, while the Solid red color means that the microphone’s turned off, meaning that Alexa isn’t actively taking/ listening to your commands and you can resolve that issue quickly by pushing the microphone button back on.

Below we’ll go over a few things you can try to troubleshoot your Alexa device. Before we do, if you are interested in learning more about how you can automate your home, you can check out this post which has a ton of home automation ideas for you!

1. Issues with your SmartThings App

Since you have to connect/ integrate the functions of your Samsung TV’s SmartThings app with Alexa, Alexa might be unable to switch on your TV. Therefore, if Alexa cannot turn on the TV for you, you may want to check the settings on SmartThings just to make sure that everything is in great shape.

Troubleshooting may help you resolve the issue or, in the very least, tell you where the problem is. In some cases, you may have to restart the connection process afresh.

2. Alexa Cannot Find the Smart Home Device(s)

The other reason why Alexa cannot turn on your TV is that in as much as the Amazon Echo supports many smart home devices and appliances, and you can add all of them to Alexa. You can also add and enhance its functionality with Skills that will ensure that the device takes in your verbal commands.

While Alexa would allow you to easily add devices, even for devices that are not supported natively by Alexa, thanks to Alexa’s IFTTT’s channel, which allows you to integrate the device with Yonomi to add the devices to the supported smart devices.

So, what happens when Alexa cannot find the devices you are sure you’ve added to Alexa?

Well, there are different reasons why that may happen, but you could resolve the issues and ensure that Alexa can connect to the devices by checking the command (invocation) and while at it, you may want to be careful about the commands you use – make sure that the commands are as specific as possible.

The other reasons why Alexa cannot find the devices include network crowding, software problems, as well as the devices being always on. The good news is that you can resolve all these issues by powering down your devices then powering them back on. Doing that should fix the current connectivity issues.

What if these solutions don’t work? Well, if all the solutions above fail, you may have to reboot your Amazon Echo speaker and then remove the device that’s acting up then add it back again.

3. Wi-Fi Disconnection

Alexa will not turn on your Samsung TV if it’s disconnected from your Wi-Fi network. And if your Wi-Fi network is not as consistent as it should be, then you may want to work on that by following these steps.

First, power-cycle the router, Alexa Speaker, and the modem and then try to stream audio for some minutes to see if everything is back to working well. If that doesn’t work, you may want to move your smart speakers further from your other devices but closer to the router, then try to switch the speaker to the 5GHz channel for reduced interference.

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4. Failed Pairing of Devices

Samsung’s SmartThings represents one of the best modular systems, which means that it allows you to keep adding devices as time goes by. Unfortunately, this system is imperfect, with some users complaining about the inability of their new devices to be paired up with the existing smart home hub.

Often, the smart devices that are affected by this modular setup are the Motion Sensor, the Water Leak Sensor, Arrival Sensor, as well as the Multipurpose Sensor. Unfortunately, your Samsung TV could be a culprit too.

But what exactly causes these issues? Well, for the most part, defectiveness of the  Remove to Pair pull-tab is the most common issue behind the failed pairing. And you can tell that this pull-tab is defective if the device’s LED fails to light up, and obviously when the pairing process is impossible.

Fortunately, you can fix this issue with ease at home by removing the cover of your SmartThings device, removing the battery, and blowing the battery and the battery compartments. The other reasons why Alexa won’t turn on your Samsung TV if it is hardwired, could be that the Eco mode may not be enabled.

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