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Ok Ok, a little intro!

Hey there, I’m Rod. First of all, please bear with us, as this is a work in progress. My team and I recently finished this site for Smart Home Gizmos (early 2020) and we’re now setting up some social profiles, like our Facebook Page or Twitter to connect with you guys!

I’m in love with technology and I’ve always wanted to “build technology into my home”, I just never had the time. So this project was born out of that need to actually “start” somewhere… and… here we are!

I personally believe technology, automation, and customization for the home, is not only here to stay, but it is the way of the future. The problem is navigating this technology and trying to implement it correctly for each of our own specific needs. My hope is this site will – slowly – help fill that void (…or gap).

Our objective, as a team, is to understand the technology out there, understand their benefits, learn how to use them and leverage them, and of course learn how to implement them to help us in our daily lives.

Welcome to Smart Home Gizmos! 🙂

Smart home devices are still making their way into homes and since the innovative minds are always at work, it will not be a surprise if the next two years a good percentage of the homes are fully automated. Tech gadgets have taken over most jobs in industries and are now taking over our homes, every aspect of the human life is being digitized and we will not be shocked if people start adopting robots to help in doing the house chores.

Hello and welcome to Smart Home Gizmos, where we let you in on the latest technological innovations to turn your home into a smart home. My name is Kristen and I created this blog to provide you with comprehensive information on the various smart home devices, to help you make the correct choice as regards to your needs.

The information provided is from first-hand experience, as I have interacted with a good number of the smart home devices. Investing in the tech gadgets requires careful consideration of a myriad of factors that may not be readily apparent even for the tech-savvy individuals, but after constant use and of course, making a few mistakes I was finally able to understand the ins and out of the smart home devices. 

The Journey 

My job involves a lot of traveling, so am rarely at home and was always worried about the security of my small family. The Smart Security Cameras were a good option at first until someone tried to break in through the back door. So it dawned on me that the security cameras were just a means to an end that I had to search for. 

I had to protect my family, thus the cameras weren’t enough, so I started digging for more information on the various adoptable security measures and that is how I landed on the smart locks.

The devices were effective on restricting unauthorized entry into my home and I quickly implemented it, from then on I became curious and wanted to customize my home even more just to make life a little bit manageable.

So I went back to research and found out that I could actually tell my lights to go off and they would obediently do so. Over the weekends, I didn’t have to get up early to vacuum the house rather just use the robotic vacuum cleaner.

I, therefore, made it my mission to slowly convert my home into a smart home, and that is why I created this blog. 

Customizing your home is not easy and so that you don’t waste your money or get stuck digitizing your home I decided to share what I learned so we can all move together.

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